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What’s it like at work nowadays?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. Over and over, I’ve always said that I put in the hours not just because of the money, but rather because of the pursuit of excellence. Hence, it makes me high after … Continue reading

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Hot and Bothered

Let me be honest here, the scenario here stinks. People on the street are blaming those in Wallstreet for their problems. They think we must have sprouted horns or something. “It’s not our fault that the economy is sinking! It’s those … Continue reading

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Rising Up to Challenges

A warrior of the light is reliable.  He makes some mistakes, and sometimes considers himself to be more important than he really is.  But he does not lie. When people gather around the fire,  he talks to his male and … Continue reading

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Work and Play

Boyfriend has contacted me today after over a week’s haiatus. Smart boy, he contacted me while at the office — when I knew I couldn’t really make a scene. He said that in the alps, he’s been staying at the … Continue reading

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Some depressing updates — what to do?

Tired due to some constant overworking. Today was quite productive and even applied for a HK Smart ID Card, a bit of will to really prove that am actually living here and not just passing by. Also made an appointment … Continue reading

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Managing the Downturn

Everyone is afraid of the next redundancy exercise that’s coming in January. Imagine that, you’re tanned and toned from your Christmas vacation, only to find yourself axed with a small package to support you in the long job-searching months ahead … Continue reading

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Due to the rough financial market situation, my company is having a hiring freeze and job cuts are coming soon. The good news is that being an invaluable contributor to the team, I’m practically safe. Though you’ll never know how the winds … Continue reading

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Lesson of the Day

Just got home from a 17+ hour workday, feeling energized. There’s nothing better but to end the week without a backlog from work because you’ve slaved enough and finished everything that’s on your plate. 🙂 Today, received a call from … Continue reading

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Stop Complaining!

People usually complain because they’re dissatisfied with something. We’ve all been a victim of this — we complain about our mates, our work, our salaries, our bosses, our family… the list just goes on and on. This morning, I overheard … Continue reading

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Am home early on a Friday night because am just so freaking tired. Been overtiming the past couple of days, and at worst, got home at 4:00 am yesterday (or shall we say today?). But that’s the fate we choose. … Continue reading

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Work Ethics

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” ~Vince Lombardi Some people just have … Continue reading

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Stop Trying to Change the World

My friend tells me that “FilChis are extremely rare here in LA. Most Filipinos (he) meet are pure Filipinos and there are very few of them that (he met) in the workforce. There seems to be a bias that almost … Continue reading

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Bonita’s Top 5 Interview Tips

Within 10 minutes, I have a pretty good idea whether I’d like to hire you or not. The fact that you’re in an interview with me means that you’re in the running, and a second interview means that you’re on … Continue reading

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The Best of Both Worlds?

Which would you prefer if you were an employer? Someone who is dependable, stable and can stay on for a few years, but is so well used to the comfortable lifestyle that she lacks the drive to exceed the limits … Continue reading

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Employee From Hell

Forgive me for the long post, but please, for my sanity, allow me to rant… What happens when you lose respect for the person you work with? Let me tell you… it’s an awful feeling. Day in and day out, … Continue reading

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2.5 weeks

2.5 weeks. That’s the amount of time that I gave my assistant before calling him into a conference room, and telling him that unfortunately, he isn’t a good fit for the job. My company has never let a temporary employee … Continue reading

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Uncommon Sense

My assistant is an idiot. I can’t say it aloud at work because me actually deciding to hire him and finding out later that he’s an idiot makes me an even… ahem, bigger idiot. I am not that much of … Continue reading

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Screwing Up

I try as much as possible not to miss work. However, sometimes, when a terrible bout of the coughs/flu sends you reeling and you realize how weak you’ve become, you can’t help but take the afternoon off work. And when … Continue reading

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Being Politically Incorrect…

I’ve been seeking a few people to help me organize a big event at work. So far, our HR Department has been sending me candidates with pristine credentials — most are graduates from National Taiwan University (arguably, the best school … Continue reading

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The 85-year old Bear Sterns has fallen! Purchased at a basement price of USD 2 a share, the US investment bank was bought out by JP Morgan for a measely USD 236 million. How can that be, when the assets … Continue reading

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You know you made a mistake…

…by sharing any news with somebody who don’t like you too much. T’is a hard lesson that I need to learn time and time again. Once a person has his/her mind set about you, it’s really hard to change it. … Continue reading

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As I was studying in my childhood bedroom, my eyes fell on several pieces of paper taped atop my old study table. I felt nostalgic. Goodness knows how old I was when I first wrote those little notes. Specifically, they … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m still alive!

Despite a less than satisfactory company performance, I am happy to report that my boss has fairly compensated us for slaving ourselves to death last year. First, I got a minor pay increase, but the fact that I have received … Continue reading

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I’ve spent almost an hour surfing online trying to find financial modeling classes either in the Philippines or in Taiwan. The former because am visiting there soon, and the latter because well, I live here. After sharing with my boss … Continue reading

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When it rains, it pours…

I haven’t been having a good two days. First, there’s a lot of screw-ups the past few days, with one big screwed up event snowballing into one big catastrophe. That’s the problem with new initiatives — when you help build … Continue reading

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Slave Driver…

The reason why am still awake is that I just got home from work and thought to drop everyone a line. Yes, despite the notion that I’m a party animal (not!), I do work for a living and slave myself … Continue reading

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Work-Life Balance?

These days have been spent working late in the office. Monday, Tuesday, I worked till the Cinderella hour, and last night, instead of partying at Roxy 99 which I should be doing, I spent it finishing up some reports till … Continue reading

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Why I’m in a Bad Mood Lately…

Dear Mom, Dad and Little Brother, I was very angry today. Nothing serious for you to worry about, but I’ve learned a painful lesson today. Being the head of my project, I had to make plans for the dinner venue … Continue reading

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A Good Start — Kinda

Life has been good lately. As January marks the slowest season so far since I joined the company just 5 months ago, it enables me a lot more time to catch up with the more boring paperwork and documentation. Plus, … Continue reading

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Freaking 2:00AM…

… And am still in the office! Wow, my friend was right — my company changed my life — literally! Now, I have no life. 🙁 What’s worse, am working on a project that doesn’t really make us the extremely … Continue reading

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Seems like this week just keeps on tumbling down. My phone — both office and cell — just kept on ringing the entire morning just because of some mix-up and human insensitivity of time. Sometimes, it just ain’t your day, … Continue reading

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My god, my shoulders are aching and my entire body is tense. Was away from my desk just for one day, and it seemed that the office was on fire. I have too many papers around me, stuff I still … Continue reading

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Stressful Week

One talk by a senior global economist at the Grand Hyatt Hotel tomorrow attended by around 20 CFOs, VPs and IR managers, as well as local clients… A handful of top-tier investors from the US as well as 2 very … Continue reading

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