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The Danger of Discontentment

Our best sales staff decided to end her employment this April 2018. She was earning around php18,000-22,000 per month, an achievement especially since she was not a college graduate and has no special skills. She is only 26 years old. … Continue reading

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How My Friend Got Away with Infidelity

My married friend learned that her husband was flirting with other women behind her back. Given that he needs to be based in the Southern area and their child studies here in Manila, they have spent many days apart per … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Boastful When Mad

My husband screamed at me today. Two days ago, he asked me to help him to transfer money overseas. My supplier gives me better rates than his, so he asked for my assistance, which I timely gave. Today, his supplier … Continue reading

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What to do when you encounter a crazy man who’s out to get you?

We went to a children’s party today.  During one of the games, my husband who was babysitting (yaya was in day-off) sat our 2-year old toddler in one of the seats previously occupied by another kid when she stood up.  … Continue reading

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The Cookie Test

My husband tells me that he comes from a family that doesn’t say “Thank you” a lot. He chides my family for being overly polite and for saying thank you too often that it almost comes out as fake and meaningless. … Continue reading

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August was a bad month for us…

My friend Carol posted the following on her Facebook page: TROUBLE BY WARREN WIERSBE Read Psalm 102:1-11 One day I phoned a friend of mine who is in the ministry and asked, “How’s it going?” His quiet reply was, “Well, … Continue reading

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Labor in the Philippines: You Get What You Pay For

I realized that you always get what you pay for. This month, my business is looking for a junior administrative officer. The minimum wage is Php 466/day or Php 12,200/month (that’s USD 285 for 26 working days).  I’m willing to pay … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being a Girl

My mother tells me the story of her friend, who was so proud of her daughter. “Tess was so proud that her daughter graduated magna cum laude in a prestigious school in the Philippines,” she said. “She never had a problem … Continue reading

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My Personal Experience with Nu Skin – The Company with an Ulterior Motive

My phone rang. It was an unknown number.  “Bonita here,” I greeted as I picked up the phone. “Hi Bonita, this is Patricia!”  Patricia had been my college classmate back at college. We worked on our senior year project together, doing … Continue reading

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The Philippine Hypocrisy — Or is it just the Philippines?

One of last week’s bigger news is a popular comic strip artist resigning from his daily after a successful 25-year run at the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), one of the widest read dailies in the Philippines. Since 1988, “Pugad Baboy” … Continue reading

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What would you do if you do not like the girl your brother is dating?

They’ve actually dated for three years and I know her for almost two. Don’t get me wrong. She is a nice person and her family is the greatest. Her dad is an accomplished president of a non-profit organization, her sister-in-law … Continue reading

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Mommy Time – 2x a Week!

Context: Ever since my dad passed away last February, my brother and I had been happy to invite and take my mom out for dinner, for movies, and elsewhere. This helps her avoid depression since my parents have always been … Continue reading

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Feeling pressured after meeting the parents

Hi Bonita, How did you survive this weekend with your in laws. Please share. Love, mom REPLY: Dear mom, The weekend went really well. Trader’s family is just very warm, loving and I left the weekend feeling very loved and … Continue reading

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There is a big difference between the part-time and full-time MBAs

And don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. The part-time program in HKUST is 24 months versus the full-time’s 16 months, and yet the difference couldn’t be any more starker. The difference lies not in the quality of education as … Continue reading

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I’m a bit tired on being in front, where I’m exposed and waiting for people to say things about me. Why is it that people judge you so harshly when they themselves refuse to put themselves in your shoes. “She … Continue reading

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@ Complete @sshole

Question: What happens if you ever piss off the professor before he gives you a final grade? Answer: You never do that. If there’s a lesson you should learn, DON’T DO IT. Before the grades had been released, smile, listen … Continue reading

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You’ll hate me for this…

What’swrong with not wanting to have kids? 🙁 Yesterday’s dinner conversation gradually revolved around childbearing given that I’ve met up with two of my old high school friends last weeknd. One was already a mom to a smiling 10-month old … Continue reading

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Illogical thoughts this evening

Life isn’t really that rosy with Trader. Not that he’s not great because he is (for example, everyone’s who seen his photo knows that he’s Mr. Nice Guy and is dying to introduce him to their single girlfriends), but maybe, … Continue reading

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Does clothes make the man?

“Clothes make the man,” a famous saying once said. “And it’s true, people judge us from what we wear.” People who know me see that I dress a tad sexier than other women especially in the weekends.   To be honest, … Continue reading

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Happy Singleness Awareness Day!

Guys, take out your wallets so women can women bask in the company of overpriced dinners, dark candlelights and 99 gazillion blood-red roses so that you can get hot and heavy tumbles in the sheet later that evening. Thank your … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Homeless Bonita…

by January 2010. Oh my gosh, as if things cannot get any worse. My landlord sold my apartment without even consulting me! I accidentally bumped into the brand-new owner today in the elevators. “My parents bought it for me because … Continue reading

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Hot and Bothered

Let me be honest here, the scenario here stinks. People on the street are blaming those in Wallstreet for their problems. They think we must have sprouted horns or something. “It’s not our fault that the economy is sinking! It’s those … Continue reading

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Oh shit.

One depressing thing about being in a new country is that you have no one to spend Christmas with. No lover, no friends, no company, nada. Come to think of it, I’ve never really spent Christmas cuddled up with someone, … Continue reading

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Managing the Downturn

Everyone is afraid of the next redundancy exercise that’s coming in January. Imagine that, you’re tanned and toned from your Christmas vacation, only to find yourself axed with a small package to support you in the long job-searching months ahead … Continue reading

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Work Ethics

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” ~Vince Lombardi Some people just have … Continue reading

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Stop Trying to Change the World

My friend tells me that “FilChis are extremely rare here in LA. Most Filipinos (he) meet are pure Filipinos and there are very few of them that (he met) in the workforce. There seems to be a bias that almost … Continue reading

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Bonita’s Top 5 Interview Tips

Within 10 minutes, I have a pretty good idea whether I’d like to hire you or not. The fact that you’re in an interview with me means that you’re in the running, and a second interview means that you’re on … Continue reading

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I hate HATE referring friends. The last time I referred an acquaintance who happened to be my best friend’s girlfriend to one of the best investment banks in the world, she subsequently stabbed my back. Because she was jealous of … Continue reading

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