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I Work: Am I a Failure as a Wife and Mother?

It’s very frustrating to be a working wife and mother. Society still demands you to fulfill your duties as a doting yaya to your child, a neat maid to your household (which includes laba, plantsa and taga-linis ng bahay) and an eager … Continue reading

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My List of Baby Essentials – Here’s my list from my own experience. What’s yours?

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The 5 Qualities I Look for in an Employee

The key to a good business is finding the right people. When you have the right people in your team, you can rest easier knowing that your business is in good hands. That’s the advantage of my parents-in-law’s 20-year business: They … Continue reading

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How Important is Sexual Compatibility? (Warning: NSFW)

It’s Sunday, and I’m in a good mood. Plus the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is coming out this week. So I will honestly answer what many people want to ask but are afraid to. “How important is sexual compatibility in a relationship? … Continue reading

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Technology is EVIL

After over five months of marriage, Hubby and I remain happy and content in our togetherness. He still makes me coffee every morning and massages my tired feet every night. He helps clean the shower (I never seem to get … Continue reading

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Is Entrepreneurship FOR YOU?

It requires at least a 20,000 circulation for Summit Media to continue publishing a magazine. One of their magazine, “Entrepreneur,” boasts of a 30,000 circulation, a 4x pass-on readership, and a total monthly readership of 150,000. While this may not be impressive to some, … Continue reading

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To Share: My One-Week Travel Itinerary of Amazing Taipei

Most people don’t give Taipei a lot of credit preferring mostly to spend their vacations in Hong Kong or Singapore. However, having stayed in these countries for prolonged periods, I still find Taipei to be the best travel destination in … Continue reading

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I still feel awful BUT…

…to be honest, I’ve had a pretty spectacular week. Let’s see, on Monday, I met a new friend and we ate at Pizza Hut. I met even more new friends when I went to a Moroccan gathering. Ate tons of … Continue reading

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I’m just blown away: 30 Seconds to Mars

Also known as pretty boy’s Jared Leto‘s (the cute boy from My So-Called Life) band, 30 Seconds to Mars is AMAZING. Finally, I’ve found another band that can up Linkin Park’s beats… and goodness knows how long I’ve been waiting … Continue reading

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One-Day Taipei Itinerary: What to do if you have ONE day in Taipei?

Follow this map and you’ll never go wrong… made for fun prior to my MBA when so many friends and clients were requesting for an itinerary on what to do while they’re in this lovely city: Yes, I’m feeling generous … Continue reading

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Artjamming and dire results

Maybe it’s because of the 8.8 earthquake and x-sky high tsunami that hit Japan last Friday… Or the fact that Spain’s grading was downgraded… Or the fact that Ireland’s request of having their cost of borrowing reduced denied… Or the … Continue reading

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Baked a yummy cake yesterday

Thanks to th HKUST MBA Diners Club, we all managed to go to Kowloon Bay and bake ourselves a yummy fat inducing hazelnut chocolate cake. Presenting my creation below. I feel like a proud mommy.

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What I did in 2010… (Part I)

2010 had been a year of new beginnings and many changes. Here’s a brief rundown: January 2010: Trader and I had already been together for the last eight months and our relationship is rocky. We fight a lot because he … Continue reading

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Why haven’t I been blogging for 2 days?

Featuring the best son-of-a-bitch (literally) Donald Draper, who can basically charm the socks off from your grandma. 😀 I especially love the work of Joan, the catty chief secretary of Sterling Cooper who for some reason manages to sleep with … Continue reading

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My Top 10 iPhone/iPod Applications

Yes, I am what you may consider an iPhone addict. Though my trusty iPhone 3G (NOT 3Gs) has been dropped a gazillion times, gone vibrator on me before, and hung a couple of times, it’s still working and I cannot … Continue reading

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“Prisoner of Love” – Loves It!

As soon as I heard Utada Hikaru’s song (been a fan of hers since I heard her “First Love“), I knew I had to share it with all of you. I’m sure that many of you readers are there can … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to 2008 — and hello to 2009!

2008 passed by so fast — where has it gone?  In a way, it seems that 2008 was the transitional year.  It was the year when I deepened my expertise in project and relationship management, in addition to actually making … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

What better way to spend the New Year than with strangers (no longer though) in one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong? Fed up with passively feeling somber about my loneliness in this hectic city, I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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3 Sri Lankan Misconceptions Debunked!

I’m back! Okay, I admit it… Sri Lanka was different from what I expected. I went in with a lot of misconceptions that were debunked as early as the first day. In fact, my real draw of Sri Lanka was … Continue reading

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Top 5 Blehs of Fashion 2008

Personally think that I’m not your typical fashionable chick, but there are some trends that I just can’t help but cringe. Blame it on Lindsay Lohan, the Ashley twins, the grungy Mischa Barton and even Lauren Conrad. One look and … Continue reading

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How am I special?

Feeling a bit blue, I need to pop myself happy a bit. And what better to do than to make a slightly more narcissistic post than before? 🙂 As I was riding the MRT home, I asked myself, what made … Continue reading

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100 More Things About Me

It’s typhoon day and I found myself finishing this list — at long last! It’s been over a year since I’ve come with a list — and at a point of being uber-narcissistic, am again recording my legacy by listing … Continue reading

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What I’m Listening To…

Gawd, am such a Linkin Park fan. I could listen to their tracks over and over. And finally, after a year and a half, the wait is over… Minutes to Midnight: Linkin Park’s official third album. You’d bet it’s what’s … Continue reading

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