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Leadership Lesson: Be Kind

When I was in Hong Kong, I learned how to be a bigger b*tch. Everything was fast paced and everyone was on top of their games. I worked with the best of the best, and loved it. I worked from … Continue reading

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Leadership Lesson: Assign Responsibility to the Person to Increase Accountability

We love a hurrah story — A story when a group comes together in lieu of a single goal, working together cooperatively and achieving success. A hurrah story is big picture. It makes a great story, but when you inspect … Continue reading

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Apparently, I’m a boss b*tch

One of the hardest things about being a boss is making unpopular decisions. I had one such experience last month. One of my contractual sales staff had a personal emergency. The night before, she fought with a live-in partner and … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why You’re Still Single at 40

Yesterday, I asked the question, “Why would a beautiful 40-year old woman still be SINGLE?” I’ve wondered this question and asked several friends what they thought. We mulled over whether it was the guys’ fault or the girl’s fault that … Continue reading

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Why would a beautiful 40 year old woman still be SINGLE?

My girl best friend bemoans the fact that she is almost 40 and still single. “My last single best friend is getting married,”¬†she moaned. “And I’m still single and barren.” My best friend should not be single. She is very … Continue reading

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