When Old People Brag…

My father in law told us that he used to work 70-80 hours a week.

With only seven days a week, that’s around 10-12 hours per day, EVERY DAY.

As he wrote to us in an email:

Every old timer Chinese will tell you that they did not have anything on their back when they came to the Philippines from poverty China. Your generation are lucky to be able to start your life with some financial means. The Chinese old-timer was able to convert their poverty to business mogul and taipan. Your generation should be able to do much more considering that the old-timer are not educated. They should serve as an inspiration to you two to achieve the same.
I have heard Bonita saying a few times that “nobody can argue with success”.  I fully agree with her on that. It is useless talking and gift wrapping issues and things to camouflage reality. People know what success is. You don’t have to brag it yourself.
To succeed, you need to plan well and execute your plan diligently.  I suggest there should be “more work, more action and less talk”. Of course, hard work counts a lot. As (Husband’s Name) very well know, I used to work 70-80 hours a week. I hope I can live to see you guys become successful.
How is the 70-80 hours even possible? Well, it doesn’t mean that when you get home, the work stops. Even when you’re home, you can still work an additional 2-3 hours a day!
That’s nothing,” my own mother huffed. “We used to work from 4am in the warehouse loading coffee to the container to be ready for shipment.”
So when do you guys stop?” I meekly asked.
What stop?” my mom exclaimed. “We don’t stop till the work is done. We sleep only when we really need it!”
Aiyo, the older generations are bragging who works the most. Still a long way to go for us spoiled entitled younger generation… 

Today, I start working at home…

Waaah, still a lot more work to go! Jia you!

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