How to Make A Girl Like YOU

This is so true…

Tried and tested… if you like someone:

Step 1: Find a way to “connect” with them. In the Philippines, it’s easy enough so long as you have her number. Be non-threatening and start with a simple, “Hi, how are you?”

If the woman ain’t a b*tch, she will at least be curious and respond to her in a semi-friendly manner.

Step 2: Don’t be creepy and continue showering her with regular attention. Greet her “Good morning” when you wake up, “Good night” before you sleep. Add a smiley πŸ™‚ emoticon.

Step 3: Try to ask her out. See if you can get her one-on-one. Stay chill, be suave. Don’t pressure her. Try to be friendly but not be friend-zoned.

NOTE: How NOT to be friend-zoned?

Keep everything light and breezy, and yet flirty. Never let yourself be called her “dude,” “bro”Β or “sister.” Ask her out on a date. Not to hang out, but a date. And please, make it a real date where you pay. Don’t give her an excuse to think you are just being friendly.

You ask her out. You show you are interested in her. You indicate, without telling her outright, that you like her.

And please, don’t ask her if she likes you back. That just screams of desperation.

Step 4: After she is used to your calls and texts and attention, all of a sudden, go on a trip. Be busy. SIMPLY DISAPPEAR. This is best done after you’ve managed to hold her hand on a date, or even, if you’re lucky, kiss her.

NOTE: Regarding kissing her, don’t overdo it. Just do it. If she slaps you, it’s fine. Just don’t attack her, just try to see if you can do it.

Step 5: She will wonder where you went. What happened to you. Why aren’t you calling her anymore. Wait, is it her problem? Did you find someone else?

Tee-hee *add evil laugh*, you cannot imagine just how big women’s creative imaginations are. Instead of thinking it has nothing to do with her, she will think it is all about her that you disappeared.

So whereas before, you were the one who used to text her a lot, suddenly, the winds change, and she TEXTS YOU.

Step 6: Don’t celebrate… yet. Don’t get too excited. This just means that your plan is working. During the initial text of hers, wait a bit and reply back with a curt yet friendly, “So sorry, but been very busy. Text you later.”

Step 7: Then don’t text back.

Step 8: Continue being busy for a week, at most 1.5 weeks. You want her to like and desire you, but don’t hate you. Make random excuses and always always reply her back but just be busy.

And truly, BE BUSY.

Step 9: Ask her again on a date. She will of course not be happy with you and will even pout. She may even play hard to get but it’s all a sham. Just be nonchalant about it and say, “Oh come on, it’s only now that I have the time. It’ll only take an hour.”

Step 10: Be very much in control during the date. Keep it romantic by giving her roses even but act as if you don’t care too much what happens on the date.

If by this time she is not head over heels in love with you, then maybe it’s better to cut your losses and cut her off. If a girl really really likes you by now, she will grab all opportunity to be with you and want to know what is going on.

Then it’s really up to you to take it to the next level.

And that my friends is how you get a girl to like you.


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  1. les says:

    This is so funny because it’s true!!! Great post Bonita!!

  2. bellegit says:

    This post is funny! And, true! Can I repost this blog post? πŸ™‚

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