Getting Married?

Trader’s 26-year old little sis is getting married today. Or is already married if we followed Asian times.

His sister is pretty cute/hot/beautiful. She’s not that tall, but has this lovely almond shaped head and eyes. She looks like a more innocent version of Zhang Ziyi with bigger eyes and a better personality.

Consequently, at a young age of 26, she is getting married.

She and her husband started dating almost the same time Trader and I started. I think we were slightly earlier but not by much.

And while her husband took her off the market immediately, Trader is waiting to have all his ducks (financially) in a row before popping the question. He doesn’t really understand just how people can be married without not being financially stable.

Hon, people get married for other reasons than being financially stable,” I countered. “Money will never actually be enough. And what better test for a marriage than a couple to make their money and raise a family together?”

Ah family. For Trader, a valid reason for marriage is to start a family. He wants children and has always been trumpeting the fact. As for me, I hate those crying spoiled brats. They’re irritating and always cry unreasonably to get their own way. Aaaargh, who has been stuck with a crying toddler in a long-haul airplane?!

But Trader believes I can be a good “mom.” Scary true, strict even more so, but good. I joked that our children, IF EVER, would know his DCFs, CAPMs and APVs by the time he is in highschool. Why not anyway? They are not super hard concepts…

However, I hate being pressured.

Here, Trader is taking his sweet time to propose and raising as much money as he can for a family (It’s been 2.5 years since we last started dating), and yet he would want me to rush the babies because of my “biological clock.”

He wants three children so if we reverse calculate it, I need to have my first baby stat. As in now.

But nooo, he wants to take his time. So if he wants me to rush the recreation process, well…

H to the Hell NO!

Anyway, it makes me mad just thinking about it. I would not be patient waiting for him to propose, only to be rushed because he wants kids immediately. Aaargh.

If we take 2.5 to three years to get married, then hell, we will start getting pregnant 2.5 to three years after our wedding. And if he’s trying to change it, well then tough.

Tough luck indeed.

Okay, so I started on a sweet note and now am mad. Sigh, I need to really have my temper in check, but don’t you think it’s a wee bit unfair?!

My solution: If you take x years to get married, then I will take my sweet time like x years to get pregnant.

Ta-daaa! Fair and good solution!


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