I feel so lazy…


…Maybe that’s what happens when you spend a long Easter weekend in Singapore.

There’s still so many other things I need to do. Say, read The Intelligent Investor for Macroeconomics, do a few cases for a corporate finance class and write a quick 2-page paper. In addition, I need to write a few thank you notes.

However, I am just sooooo lazy.

Instead, I’ve spent the entire yesterday having a great lunch at Lawry’s in Singapore.

Trader was so nice to treat me to an SGD82 Lawry’s prime rib cut along with creamy corn and spinach sidings. Yummy. Really felt special.

Afterwards, we hung around a bit as I tried to read my cases while Trader studied for his CFA 3. After which, we watched Source Code, which was pretty nice given its more innovative concept and casting.

Would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if it didn’t remind me too much of Groundhog Day. It was nice though because we spent a bit of time with friends.

Anyway, gonna cook lunch now. Happy Easter and Ta-Taaa!


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