Back in Hong Kong

Spent a lovely weekend in Phuket with Trader.

We spent a few days at the quiet Surin Beach where unlike the more infamous Patong beach, there were: a) less prostitutes, b) more seclusion, and c) average-wise, we were probably the youngest amongst the guests there.

It was quite nice though. Usually, when Trader and I meet, it’s in a louder place than Surin Beach. This time, we had enough time just for ourselves to do exciting activities like the following:

  • Wake up and have a nice American and Thai breakfast. Of course, we share half of what we get.
  • Walk around the beach scouring for a restaurant for lunch.
  • Order lunch. Ensure there’s actually a huge serving of steamed fish with lemon sauce. Nom nom nom.
  • Take a nap in the hotel.
  • Have a one-hour massage.
  • Go and have dinner. Eat steamed fish with lemon sauce again with fried rice or phad thai.
  • Go back to the hotel. Do some reading for school, while he surfs the net.
  • Early bedtime.
  • Repeat.

In a way, this is one of the most unproductive vacations I’ve ever had. Usually, when I go out on a vacation, am always running around seeing temples here and there. However, for this vacation, as taxi costs expensive amounts just to get around everywhere, we pretty much stayed put at Surin Beach.

When he left, I hugged him tightly. It truly is nice to be with him. 🙂




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