Why I don’t think I’ll end up in investment banking…

It’s funny. Many of my classmates would like to change careers and enter investment banking.

Why?” I asked.

I like challenges…” they answer.

Pffft. They have no clue that investment banking is not about just tackling a challenge. It’s a freaking marathon. The no sleep, no life, no relationship marathon.

My investment banker friends live in airports. To get a girlfriend, they call you up and ask for a hookup. They try again if they don’t get it, but if you do agree, you’re the girlfriend in that port.

Lord knows how many girlfriends they have in every country. Haha, how do they even have the energy?

What’s funnier is that many of my classmates who want to be in IBD are in very serious relationships right now. Makes me wonder if they really know what they’re getting themselves into.

Put it this way: If I entered investment banking at the top bank, even my ever patient Trader would break up with me.

But why…?!” I asked Trader. It’s silly that he’ll break up with me because of a career decision.

Because you won’t have time for me, for us anymore,” he simply answered.

He must be joking. -_-

Then again, Trader is telling the truth. When you’re working for a top-tier investment house, you can practically say goodbye to your wife/girfriend/babies. You toil for hours making changes in your model, and for waiting for a deal to go through.

And investment banking has a lot of toiling involved. Whereas people merely see the money — their real reason on entering the industry is, of course, the money — I see the cost of that money.

Investment banking pays you $$$ because they literally suck the life out from you.

And that’s no exaggeration.

When I was already in equities, I was already working as a dog. I literally checked my blackberry every other minute. I even slept with it under my pillow. Now, imagine if I was in investment banking?

I know the competitive workaholic in me — once I start a deal, I won’t stop. It swallows me whole. And I block everything else from coming in.

Besides, I’m already an arrogant biatch as I am. There’s no point in making me even more arrogant? If anything, a positive of entering this MBA program is that it brings me down to the real world: a world of inefficiencies, a confusing mix of personalities who for some reason believe that they too are right, a life that goes beyond the classroom and work.

Haha, months away from the finance world has somehow done me good. It showed me who I am, and who I am not.

A partygirl — maybe when I was 24. But now, NOT.

Someone with a sense of humor — weird humor, yes. A person who makes jokes all the time — NOT.

A super practical cold-hearted person — yes. I think I’ve been born a robot. I don’t feel as much as other people, much to my mother’s concern. Life is unfair. I’m dealing with it.

Competitive — not really. I don’t think I am, but I do my best to be better. If anything, I’m less competitive versus other people than I am to myself.

Imagine if you unleash me in investment banking. What will happen to my life? Gone, I tell you… gone!

So what fits me then if not investment banking?


Nope — I suck at case interviews. I think anybody else would be far better than I am. Besides, the work is job-oriented, and I’d rather be in a place where I can continually build my relationships/knowledge in my career, instead of starting on a new project all the time.


Nope — not creative enough. Efficient, yes. Effective, yes. Creative, hell no.


Sure — but what good idea do we have? I’m a firm believer that entrepreneurs should have one extremely good idea and run with it.

General management?

Nah — unless the orgainzation was uber efficient, I’d be bored to tears. I dislike 8-hour workdays. I’d prefer 12+-hour workdays that are as fast-paced and as gungho as when you first sat on your desk. Besides, I’d rather be a generalist.

So where now?

Haha, let me share with you guys post-interview sessions. I think it’s too early to say, but I do know where I do fit so most likely, would just focus my job search in this sector. 🙂

Take care you all. Have a great week!


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