Life as a marathon

Have you ever heard that life is a marathon? It’s not really how fast you start, but how much you can still keep up the pace?

I feel that way during my MBA. For some reason, there’s just a constant streams of things to do, and even though you’re killing these responsibilities one by one, you still have so much to do.

For example, on Monday, we have a quiz on Corporate Finance. Tuesday brings another quiz in Information Systems. There are around three financial services companies whose job application deadlines are within the next couple of days. And I am still doing a conference and managing a club on the side.

And here, we remember Trader’s words of not spreading myself too thin. But as the people at Goldman Sachs had said in a career talk, it’s just really a habit of excellence. Not that I’m implying that I excel all the time, which is totally false, but the fact is, I always get myself into these sorts of activities all the time.

In  high school for example, I was editor of the school paper. In college, I was president of the university’s second largest organization. My years in Taiwan made me chairperson of a 2,800 social organization, and once again, am taking a leadership position at HKUST.

Hahaha, not that I’m complaining. I love this stress… or you can even say that we have this love hate relationship. But seriously, it’s only these past couple of days that I find my typing to be uncoordinated, and spelling typos more numerous than usual. Given that I’m usually a fast, flawless typist, this is troublesome for me.

Am I really just being too tired? Am I really just stretching myself too thin? 🙁

Which brings us why I think that life is a marathon. It totally is.

We think that after we finish our to do lists, we’re done for the day. But actually, I realize that by constantly reaching out for the stars, the responsibilities just grows every single day.

I remember the time when I was still at my first job, working in a 9am-5pm position, and having the time to do whatever I darn wanted in the evening. Nowadays, am up my neck with work, and honestly, I am to blame for this over-exhaustion.

Forgive me then for complaining. It’s just that it gets tiring after awhile. It’s been awhile since I last had a break and massage and the next break is actually in 3-4 more weeks. Argh.

Anyway, gotta take a shower and sleep. We just finished our International Night today and it was totally awesome!

Take care and miss you all!


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