MBA’s First Few Days

MBA life is starting to feel overwhelming.

Forget the small dorm room and the single-sized bed, which by the way has enabled me to wake up consistently the past three nights days at 9am since the bed is so small and hard, but the feeling of being with similarly competitive people and fast
pace of pre-studying can be overwhelming.

My seatmate for example produced shows in National Geographic and Disney. My dormmate used to work as an analyst for
two of the largest mutual funds out there. The one who dorms in front of my room used to be an infrastructure engineer abroad.

So on and so forth, everyone’s CVs screams stellar, and I look forward to getting to know them all, especially the Chinese people whose names I still cannot match to their faces.

*Okay, call me ignorant, but being a non-native Mandarin speaker, it’s really not that easy* ๐Ÿ™

At yesterday’s mixer, I was told that I was competitive by someone who had a more artistic degree and somehow exuded a weird vibe. Honestly,, that somewhat bothered me.

Who are you to judge so quickly what I am, and what I am not?!” I thought to myself.

And yet in a way, he’s right.

Which btw, makes me wonder why he’s here.

But anyway, we are all here not because we really need it as the jobs that my MBA classmates did before meant that we were also able to do those jobs from our own, but rather because we WANT to.

There is a big difference between needs and wants, you know.

So we are here because we are competitive, restless in our previous job and wanting even more.

Overall, it’s a great feeling to be challenged once again.

It was the same feeling I’ve had when I first started in my previous firm — that feeling of eagerness on starting to learn something new —ย and it’s exhiliarting.

Yes, the MBA program is starting to feel overwhelming but then again, life is supposed to be uncomfortable anyway. If life was about roses and birds singing, we shouldn’t even be here.

Instead, we should’ve chosen to be in our boring desks jobs staying the way we were till we die.

But we don’t want that, and so we are here.

ย  I am enjoying my MBA thoroughly and have no regrets being in HKUST as the quality of my classmates had been generally amazing. But gotta do some time value of money problems now!

Hope all is well with all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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