My Present and my Future

I was sipping a skimmed capuccino this afternoon at the IFC after some errands around the Central area. Here my friends was my present at that point in time — while my peers were slaving away and earning decent money, there I was, listening to my Nano and enjoying my strong cup of joe:

On the table is my ubiquitous lip balm which is catered to my uber dry lips. Every day I need it. If I don’t get my fix, my lips puff up like Angelina Jolie’s and it damn hurts. Trader says am addicted to these evil things.

And here I present to you my future:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this crazy woman has decided to study for her licenses while waiting for her MBA studies to commence in August. Since I’ll be traveling to Singapore and there’s really nothing much to do there except for be a good girlfriend and wait for Trader to get home so we can grab dinner together, it would be best if I can study for my securities licenses.

I palmed through the pages. OMG, it’s full of words, words, and words. All memorization!

My head spun the last time I opened this book and it’s still spinning right now. It’s more about the regulatory framework in Hong Kong and doesn’t have that big a practical application except you need it before you can practice securities.

Oh well, better to start now than later.

If you’re going to take it anyway, what better time it is than to do it now, right?

My parents btw are coming over to help me move in July. It’ll take a bit of juggling as I’m still pending a trip to wintery Australia mid-July. I’m flying over to Singapore this Friday so it would be good to see Trader again.

Till then, I am here on my severely jetlagged state. Did you know that I did NOT get more than 2 hours’ sleep as of yesterday? 🙁

That’s right. I couldn’t sleep from yesterday when I woke up to 10:00 am this morning!!! It was that bad!

I finally drifted off to sleep only to have someone call me at noon for some insane reason.

Grumble grumble.

Okay shower time now. Hope I can now sleep as this heady wakedness is really driving me nuts!


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