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Fights: Good or Bad?

DragonStalker rightfully asked whether it’s good that Trader and I had been fighting all the time. Actually, I wouldn’t call these as fights but rather as arguments which I blow out in proportion when reporting them on my blog. 🙂 … Continue reading

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In Defense of Desperate Housewives

Traderr and I had a fight the day before yesterday because I was too stressed out when he shared his wish for me to be a home-maker once we get married. Not that I’m discounting the hard work being a … Continue reading

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…and I don’t really know why. Do you have these days? Guess it’s because Trader was really tired and he let it slip out that though he wasn’t ready to get married right now. Actually, what he meant was today … Continue reading

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Q: The easiest way to lose weight?

Answer: 1) Eat something bad. 2) Go to the bathroom times every time you want to, which is almost every single time you stand up. And sit down. And lie in bed. And roll around. Gosh, that’s almost every moment, … Continue reading

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Back from the Land of Heavy Censorship!

I’m back! Back from the Land of Heavy Censorship that is after 9 days of business trip. My gosh, all the 5-star hotel treatment was super worth it. I was slaving the days away as in seriously. I was working … Continue reading

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Fake it if you don’t have it!

God really works in the most mysterious ways! 😀 Trader’s fetish are fet. He likes them smooth and small, with bright colored nails flashing as a woman wears her flip flops. He loves the ankles small, cupped finely to the … Continue reading

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Thinking long term?

Nobody is perfect. I sure am not. However, in almost 8 months of dating Trader, I’ve realized that he’s not perfect either. Despite his constant hirits that he does his best to be the best boyfriend in the world, he … Continue reading

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Trader’s Christmas Present

Here’s what Trader gave me for Christmas: A deep purple iPod Nano set complete with external speakers. “It’s to complete your iPod collection,” he said as we kissed. I already have an iPhone and a music set would be a … Continue reading

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Biggest Lessons in 2009

Trader asked me what my New Year’s resolutions are. His were to sleep earlier, play less video games and read more books. He’s just started getting addicted to video games and wanted to curb this time-wasting endeavor. “To be better … Continue reading

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