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Nothing better…

There is nothing better for a Saturday afternoon than sitting at Starbucks and reading productively. Meeting up with friends in a bit for a nice bit of afternoon tea. Already had my daily dose of Trader after we chatted this … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Heritage 1881

Perfect weather today indear Hong Kong, motivating me to take a nice boat trip across to Tsimshatsui to try the renovated old police station. “Most will recognize us via our three distinct red umbrellas,” the waiter boasted as if they … Continue reading

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Falling Deeper

Trader and I both celebrated our sixth month anniversary this week. He even ensured that he was in Hong Kong to share the moment with me. A great sacrifice indeed to spend a week of his two-week block leave with … Continue reading

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What to do when your friend is caught in a toxic relationship?

Someone left a comment asking me what to do when a friend is caught in a toxic relationship (e.g., f*ck buddies when feelings are involved, dating a married man, etc.). One of my posts caught interest especially since I was … Continue reading

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Trips – love/hate him more

Last week, I joined Trader and his friends on a week-long trip out of town. Trader and I had traveled together before but this is the first time we’ve gone out together for this long. People say that couples who … Continue reading

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The Filipino word “tampo” is interesting. In English, it means, “to pull a tantrum.” In Taiwan, the words “sa jiao” are closer to the meaning, which is a woman trying to act like a child to entrance a man to … Continue reading

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Trouble in paradise?

Trader and I are in a bit of a bind these days. On a gross twist of fate, his parents now hate  mine even though they’ve never even met, because they think my parents are mayabang (arrogant). Of course, Trader … Continue reading

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You’ll hate me for this…

What’swrong with not wanting to have kids? 🙁 Yesterday’s dinner conversation gradually revolved around childbearing given that I’ve met up with two of my old high school friends last weeknd. One was already a mom to a smiling 10-month old … Continue reading

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