He seems decent…

…but they almost always start that way.

Pros: He’s a Christian, loyal and a workaholic

Cons: He’s an Aries.

Let’s wait and see!


About Bonita

I'm a forgetful person. But I think a lot. Every day, a lot of thoughts enter my head. That's why this blog came to be: first, to keep my memories alive through the years, and two, to actually see how I and my thoughts have changed. Please note that I seldom draft or edit my posts. Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I offend some of you, my readers. And while I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable, I am not sorry for being honest or for making well-intentioned mistakes. I will however be the first to admit if I change my mind. Hence, do read and proceed with caution. My life is as colorful and as boring as you make it. I complain many days, but offer some encouragement in others. Life is fluid, it changes. So keep the positives and throw away the negatives, and I do hope that at the end of the day, you will enjoy reading the blog and leaving comments here and there if my posts touches you. Happy reading!
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4 Responses to He seems decent…

  1. Dragonstalker says:

    Eh, at first I thought “Aries” had something to do with Nazis. Then I remembered astrology. It makes for a very fun image though, you’ll admit… 😀


  2. Lene says:

    What about being an ‘Aries’? 🙂 Good thing it’s a ‘good’ first impression. :p


  3. Anne says:

    I am not inclined to think a workaholic is a great guy any more. I used to, but after dating one and working for a few, their appeal is flagging for me!


    • Bonita says:

      Depends if you’re also a workaholic too. If you are, you can appreciate a less needier guy who can appreciate why you can’t spend all your time with him. However, there’s a difference between a guy who works for work’s sake and a guy who’s really productive. I respect the latter more than the former. So, which one did you finally end up with?


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