Facebook Blunder

Scenario: My friend had his “Facebook-themed” housewarming party this weekend. As a source of fun, he had:

* set aside one “poking” room to place coats and bags (i.e., poking rhymes with coating)
* people write their “status” as nametags
* prepared a lot of booze and cocktails as part of the Booze Mail, and even had
* one room as “The Wall” — he bought some paints for us to show off our creative side, and some canvasses to paint on


Everybody got into the Facebook spirit — and some even mistakenly painted little purple hearts on the freshly-painted white wall! They didn’t know they were supposed to do it on the canvasses because hey, they’ve never really used Facebook before!


The culprit said in her defense, “The sign said ‘The Wall,’ and indicated to use paints to write something on the wall. How was I supposed to know?”

True that. Which makes the incidence such a funny story! Good thing our host is such a fairly accommodating chap.

Btw, did I ever share how much I love house parties? You always meet interesting people turned friends in house parties. Heck, even met our hosts’ laoban, the big honcho himself.

It was a great party. Our host had catering from VVG Bistro (those teeny tiny appetizers were delish) and even had bartenders over preparing a myriad of martinis, dita mixes, cosmopolitan, mojitos among others. Wohooo! Let the drinking begin!

*thumbs up*

The party ended promptly at midnight and continued on at Barcode when I bumped into Swiss Cutie. Ha, been awhile since I saw him last; good to always see him again!

Anyway, getting late so gotta sleep. And yes, as usual, managed to bump into some impatient men who try to proposition you someway (*groan!*).

Ha, what’s a party without these guys? 🙂

Oh well. Gotta sleep! Tata!


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