I’ve spent almost an hour surfing online trying to find financial modeling classes either in the Philippines or in Taiwan. The former because am visiting there soon, and the latter because well, I live here.

After sharing with my boss and colleagues the good news of passing an all-important exam, I feel that I have to continue my momentum and try to learn even more about equity valuations, developing financial models and basically, understand more the industry I’m in.

It seems to be a good time to do so: the stock market’s extremely volatile and January’s usually the slowest month, so I’ve been spending the days looking for ways to increase my knowledge.

It’s hard though. The only financial modeling class available online is from these guys called Terrapinn, who offer 2 to 5-day classes worth a freaking USD 6,000!

My god. How many months shall I work before I can even get that type of cash?! Money doesn’t grow on trees!

However, without such knowledge, how can I grow at work? In the long-run, it should be worth it…

So here I am, home on a nice Friday evening, checking out financial courses available.

How boring can you get?! :0(

Woe is me…


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2 Responses to Frustrating…!

  1. S@RZI says:

    Money spent for one’s education is always good investment that will pay back many times over.

  2. Boyd R. Jones says:

    There are quite a few good books on financial modeling — but probably hard to find in Taiwan. I always get mine when in bookstores in the States or Hong Kong or Singapore.

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