Fortune Telling

I interrupt my regular update of my Laos trip to share with you something interesting I did tonight…

This evening, after a delish Korean BBQ dinner, my girlpal took me to see a fortune teller. To be exact, he checks your birthday, time and calculates how your fortunes are.

As it turns out, everything seems rosy ‘cept for my health, which is a problem I may have genetically inherited, maybe something to do with the liver or the lower back.

Work-wise, I can succeed in whatever I put my mind into. But it’s important that I must love what I do because I couldn’t care less of my job if I didn’t.

People who hold higher positions or are older than I will treat me well. Maybe that would explain why all my previous bosses treat me especially well. Case in point, my last boss took me out to Lawries the other night. 🙂

2007 would be a bad time for love — which is true. I’ve encountered so many hai hao men, but he faults it for me not putting my heart in any relationship.

However, the tides will turn this new year and even better next year. He also mentioned I’ll be married in my 30s, most likely maintaining a long-term relationship.

As for my future husband?

Whereas other women want someone who is more dominant than they are, or is wealthy, I only had one qualification: he must love me and make me happy. (Yun lang?!)

Kids also seem to be in the horizon (though I don’t really require any), and most of my income will be spent for myself, my kids or more practical investments such as real estate or placing my money in a stable, mature fund which will slowly yet surely increase my net worth.

I am extremely generous especially when it comes to friends, IF they indeed qualify as friends. WSL said I’m pretty picky with whom I surround myself with, and that’s true. “You’re a giver,” he said.

My parents love me to death and there shouldn’t be any problems in the family front. “Everything should be smooth,” he said.

I am not really as charming but everyone around me should help me succeed. “You’ll encounter help when you need it,” he opines.

I am concerned about the future but he comforts me. “Don’t think too much and just do the things you want to do,” he recommends. “Everything should smoothly follow.”

Breathes more freely… at least, there’s not a lot of bad news. And according to my friend, there are times when a person’s fortunes are simply bad. “However, by changing your habits, the way how you feel about things, you may be able to change your fortune…”

Just want to share la. Besides, I would love to go back again when I’m in my 30s to see if his predictions do come true… 🙂

Okay, back to our regular program…

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