A Perfect Sunday

I’ve just had a perfect Sunday.

Lunch at Cosmopolitan Grill with a mix of lovely company and an arrogant Brit who thinks the world moves around him. But let’s not focus on the bad parts shall we?

Let’s instead focus on their Apple Betty Crumble (NT$100) which was just heavenly, but is oh-so-bad for ya! It was filled with diced apple, tons of cinnamon and sugar crumbled crust.

Ooooooh, just kill me now. I just love apples and cinnamon together — do you know that apple pie is the only specialty I can bake?

Moving on… afterwards, I studied a bit of finance in a lovely coffee shop near my house while rain poured outside. And then put in a few hours at work.

And finally, some climbing action.

There’s just something about climbin’ that absolutely relaxes me, and it was a great end to a great weekend.

Sure, Top Climber made me feel guilty for not partying with him at Roxy 99 last Friday, wherein which I could’ve met the man of my dreams, but hey, just his company was enough la. Of course, I should’ve had my second chance partying yesterday, but heck…

Who has time to worry about these things damnit?

So anyway, just writing a note saying that Raven is fine, and will start another crazy week.

Hahaha, and who knows who will be here next?

We’ll just see shall we? 🙂


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