A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

This is exactly how I feel right now:

So funny, yet so true.

Have been working non-stop in the past couple f days ever since I came back from my vacation. Heck, I can’t even update you guys on what’s been happening over the past few days — just a few bits and that. 🙁

And yes siree, the past few days have been very colourful indeed.

Anyway, with all the work I have to do, plus organizing activities outside work, argh, don’t really have the time to do everything I want to do.

These past few days, have been working like a dog, not studying at all, not working out at all, and eating like crazy.

In fact, just got back from Citizen Cain from my girl-pal and fellow Pinoy Lily’s birthday party. Man, check out the crowd — the place was just packed!

Hung out with some of the most beautiful women in Taipei, and we had the attention of the place! Wohoo! We looked totally hawt. 😉

I ate far too much and drank far too little, but it was fun. Food at Citizen Cain’s always A-1 at a price that’s a perfect 10. This time, there were the delish quesadillas, pasta, pizza, and more — at very affordable prices. Yummy!

Sigh, am sure will regret it totally tomorrow, but it was just too good to resist!

So Lily (who’s the crazy Pinay wearing a yellow metallic dress), Happy Birthday Girlie!

Everybody came out to Citizen Cain to celebrate your special day, as one who’s very special deserves it. Taipei does you good, happy birthday!



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