After weeks of waiting since nobody wanted to see it, finally got to watch “Babel” tonight.

My friend’s verdict after the lights came on again: “Ummm… did you get the story?”

My verdict: I like it.

Sure, it wasn’t as entertaining as “Blood Diamond” which was such an adrenalin rush and though gory, fun to watch, nor was it as sarcastic and dry as “Borat,” but “Babel,” was somehow real.

Sure, the chances of me going to Morocco and accidentally getting shot is next to nil, and no, I will not show my privates to guys everywhere, nevertheless, the emotions were real and so were the situations that the unlucky characters found themselves in.

For me, the message was, for every cause, there is a succeeding consequence. And while some directors will shield you from these harsh realities by offering you happily-ever after endings, director Alejandro González Iñárritu, shines a bright light on your face and reveals what truly happens beyond the Hollywood magic.

In addition, it’s surprising that despite the conversations and sounds, nobody was communicating and the message wasn’t being sent across — with dire results.

So the question is, does the movie deserve to be nominated an Oscar?

Hmmm… my answer is yes. Sure, why not?

Frankly, I don’t think it was as coordinated as “Crash,” which felt more like a symphony of events that all fit together in the end, but the point was, it’s not supposed to.

Life isn’t orderly, and I do believe that that’s what makes Babel good to watch — because it is the reflection of life itself.


Took some friends climbing this morning at the Y17 gym, and boy, was that place packed! There were a couple of first-timers in our group so we spent most of the time belaying people.

Afterwards, we tried out Amigos, the restaurant next door. Yummy yummy!

That’s my soft taco, for only NT$70!!! Ordered another burrito which was so-so, but all in all, pretty cheap la!

So far, that’s my half-weekend activities, save for the studying, gym and movies that came in afterwards (what do you expect? my life has always been hectic). Will give you more updates on what happens tomorrow. Have around 4 things planned.



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