Back to work!

* groan*

What I think is the stupidest thing of the week?

Government giving us a one-day vacation next Monday on the 9th for a 5-day weekend (actually, it’s to avoid people joining the anti-Chen rally), and asking us to go to work on the 14th (Saturday).

Gosh, why can’t they just give us a holiday and leave it at that?! I’d rather go to work on the 9th than on a Saturday 2 days before my birthday… how can I celebrate now?

On other matters, why is it that we want what we can’t have?

Well, sometimes you can’t help it if the person you’re attracted to is like 2 hours away by plane. 🙁

Oh well, at the very least, I can think that there are at least guys out there who make my cut… and they’re just somewhere out there.

Here’s to BritGuy, and the far-off Aussie guy.

Why can’t things just work out, yea?


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