Brief yet Dramatic

Yesterday, I was thinking…

Sometimes our lives are changed by people who come to our lives for the briefest moments.

Take for example my friend BE.

He was the one who got me really into wallclimbing.

We don’t really keep in touch. He’s been active in the organization I’m in on and off, but he’s the most health-conscious buff I’ve ever seen. Hiking, river tracing, wallclimbing and all other outdoor activities is his name of the game.

When I started heading this organization I’m in, he suggested we do a wallclimbing event, which was so much fun that I immediately gotten hooked.

Been doing it for over a year now at twice a week if time permits.

I can honestly say, it’s one source of my happiness here in Taiwan.

When I went back home to the Philippines for two weeks last February, wallclimbing was one of the things I really missed. It wasn’t as convenient to go climbing back home, and I remember feeling awful after I got back to the wall.

It’s funny how a two-week hiatus can put you out of shape.

BE was in my life for a briefest moment, but what happened afterwards created a wave of positive changes in my life.

Because of climbing, I was able to meet some of my closest friends (and cute ribbed men), been a source of regular exercise, and gave me a peace of mind.

So I don’t really care if I’ve been called a wallclimbing prima donna (yes, believe it or not, I’ve been called that), but I simply love it.

Thanks BE, for the briefest moments, you’ve made a huge difference in my life.

So how about you guys? Care to share anybody who’s affected your life so deeply?


Are you going to the ORIENTED Happy Hour?

It’s tonight at Citizen Cain starting at 7PM

*claps hands with glee*

Citizen Cain has super good food!

Afterwards, am heading down to the Living Room at 9PM for the Talent Show, where over 10 performers will highlight their talents.

And no, I won’t be performing.

But I’d be promoting — one of my sole talents — and listening.

Should be fun. Am already looking forward to tonight!
I am truly happy and content with my life right now.

Sure, I work long hours and physically exhausted by the end of the day.

But never have I been so content as I am right now.
Two days ago, I had a lovely French dinner at the San Want Hotel in Dunhua. It was terrific — good food, and with good company. Haha, he taught me that stocks is the place to be.

Here’s to wishing your life is also full of purpose!

I’m out!


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