Vacation?! What Vacation?!

What’s a girl to do on her two week vacation?

God, it doesn’t feel like a vacation to tell you the truth.

Being the busy bee I am, my schedule has just been jump-packed with social events, wallclimbing, golf, semi-dates or “hang-outs” as I would comfortably call it, surfing for the first time and body-boarding at Toucheng, Alishan, movies, meeting up with old and new friends, just to name a few.

*Okay, Raven breathes easy now*

Maybe being busy is just programmed hard into my system so I just can’t keep still. Fortunately, I don’t really have a lot of concrete plans this weekend and the week after that, but heck, I didn’t have plans for my vacation and look what happened!!!

So where do I start my weekend roundup?

Do I start with today, where I tried out my Japanese friend’s new ramen restaurant, went to Sogo to buy shoes but it’s closed for the day (Could you believe that?! There was a minor fire yesterday), and had a nice Indian dinner with a good friend if mine, followed by some kick-ass climbing action?

Haha, all right.

To start it off, after weeks of heeing and hawing, I finally got to visit my friend’s ramen store at Fuxing! My god, why did I even wait?!

Their Japanese ramen is terrific! Finally, some Japanese authenticity in a land of copycats!

Priced at only NT$120, my beef ramen soup was perfect and the ramens were just the right chewiness. Added to my additional order of Japanese croquette (NT$30), fried egg lathered in batter (NT$25 and so worth it!) and a can of cold Calpis (NT$30), my entire meal was so worth it in price and in taste that I vowed to get back there again soon!

If you’d like to try it for yourself, here’s the address:

Tu (“Land”) San (“Three”) Ou Liu (“Six”)
#6, Lane 126, Fuxing South Road, Section 1
2775-4611 (Opens at 11:30AM – 2PM, 5PM – 9PM daily)
Exit at Chungxiao Fuxing MRT Exit 1, walk towards Fuxing Road, passing Net and a hotpot store and turn left on first lane. It’s on the left side.

The noodles are made fresh (saw it made by my own eyes) and the place is spotless and clean, in addition to 12 different ramen varieties to choose from! Of course, coming with authentic Japanese stock!

Hence, this restaurant is highly recommended so if you’re ever in the Sogo area, do give it a go! Am pretty sure you won’t regret it!

I know I didn’t!!! 🙂

As for dinner, went to this Indian restaurant called Aleja, which was in Yanji Street. The food was so-so and my friend and I shared the set meal of NT$475 with extra rice. It was passable with a small cucumber salad, 4 pieces of beef in curry, 2 pieces of chicken tandoori, naan, and a strawberry lassi with extra rice. Frankly, I’d rather go to Himalaya instead, but hey, it’s always great to try new things. They have NT$399 lunch buffets so maybe it’s better then.

Then, we spent a couple of hours wallclimbing at Y17. Thank God there weren’t a lot of people though we bumped into Steven and David there, so it was a great day altogether.

Haha, was supposed to go partying all night tonight at Creamy, but the party starts at freaking 1:30AM so I’m being a good girl and going home early. Besides, all that activity has just poofed me, and hey, I did manage to watch a brief stint of “Freddy vs. Jason” on HBO. :0)

Till tomorrow!


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