DIY or not?

Sigh, sometimes I ask myself why I subject myself to such torture?

Instead of finding an agent to help me do the legwork, I am instead the one taking steps to help myself find an apartment.

My specifications are simple:

* Big room with big closet (to fit all my clothes)
* Walking distance to any MRT blue line (from Xinpu to Kunyang is acceptable)
* Has own bathroom, washing machine/dryer (of course!) and ADSL. Double bed or bigger a plus
* Ideally less than NT$15,000 though this is negotiable

I’ve already checked out the expensive apartments at Tealit, the harder-to-understand forums at Forumosa and now moving on to Yahoo! Apartments. My friend Dave has suggested I look for a realtor, and has suggested me one. I’ll contact him later, but right now, am busying myself in checking out pictures at apartment.

The last time I did this, I checked out 20 apartments in 2 days, finally settling on the apartment I have right now situated at the ultra-convenient Shida road.

But then again, it was fulfilling when I found a place.

As they say, it’s the journey, not the destination.

Besides, not really comfortable in asking people to do the work for me, when I can obviously take care of myself

Good thing though, at least, my friends have been very helpful!

However, I don’t really know how much time I can devote to this endeavor…

I am working after all.

And there’s just so much in my schedule right now in preparing for the new changes I’ll have in life and organizing an upcoming kick-ass party at the Sheraton end of July. 🙁

Oh yeah, and dating. Let’s not forget that. 😉

Goodness, I do hope I survive these next two months. I think I am starting to see a grey hair here and there.

Oh and I’ll post later on what’s been bothering me. To give you a hint on what’s coming, I’m entitling that entry, “Sex makes the world go round?” 😛


P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, am not being kicked out by my landlord. It’s just that, after living there for 2 years, I felt I needed to make a change (step two of the changes I’ve talked about before), and get myself a better closet (some of my clothes are in plastic bags for goodness sakes) and ADSL. In short, giving myself a better living apartment. Okey, getting off the mike now. 🙂


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3 Responses to DIY or not?

  1. John says:

    Try to relax Raven so you don’t get burned. Everything will happen at the right time. Don’t push yourself too hard. You’re young and have all the time to accomplish all your goals.

    Take care, Raven!


  2. raven says:

    Thanks for ur support and kind words, John! You know I always appreciate it. 🙂

  3. luwees says:

    ey raven, i’m excited about that next entry of yours. =)

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