Aussie guy just texted cancelling our dinner tonight. His text:

Been trying to call your work number. A client is in town and I have to have dinner and go out with him. Can I cancel tonight? I am really sorry but not much I can do about it. Don’t think I am blowing you off. Just a part of this job.

He’s a sales trader, btw.


I am absolutely pissed.

I’ll need to cool down first, then decide what I’m going to do next.

If you were in my position, what are you going to do?

Feedback will definitely be appreciated!


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3 Responses to F*ck!

  1. chekwa says:

    dump his ass. won’t give him the time of day. 😀

  2. Blackdove says:

    “I am absolutely pissed.”
    Why? Didn’t you get a clue that he MIGHT be a no-show? Didn’t have alternate plans this time? Else, you won’t be as pissed, yes?

    “I’ll need to cool down first, then decide what I’m going to do next.”
    Wow. He really fired you up and got you thinking, didn’t he? This Casanova has “style”. You’re now under his spell. 🙂

    “Feedback will definitely be appreciated!”
    There you go. C’est La Vie!

    Come visit my Nest.

  3. raven says:

    Chekwa, thanks…

    Blackdove, yes, I did have alternative plans. But it’s kinda embarrassing because I cancelled on them, and with my tail between my legs and tell them am going pala. As for being under his spell, actually, you’re right… am starting to be. Damn! 🙁

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