Omigosh, I can’t believe how well things turned out!

I finally found someone wonderful to go with me to Penghu! We’re going in May! My gosh, am just so excited! 😀

I’ve also arranged a dinner semi-date this Friday. Since am going to a cocktail party 9-ish at the Hyatt, my schedule’s free to have dinner with Aussie guy, which is just perfect.

Though he took awhile to reply, his email was nice:

Hey Raven, sorry about the delay. i am usually as quick as a flash…just having a busy day today. Hope u had a fun weekend.

as for friday, sounds nice actually. could meet about 730 or thereabouts, gives me time to get home for a quick sleep and then come and see you…

we can work out the details later in the week, but yes sounds super.

Thursday’s tentative to go wallclimbing with French hottie guy. If things fall through, heck, I still have a lot to do anyways, so am sure I can fill up that schedule. 🙂

I wonder what next week will hold… so far, it’s still empty.

Oh my, there’s still SO much to do though.

I’ve just signed up for a Toastmaster contest tomorrow, and I’ve yet to write down my speech! I’m thisclose to going to panic mode! What’s worse (though it’s not really a bad thing) is that I’ve already made dinner plans, and I wouldn’t be surprised if dinner can extend to drinks… 🙁

At least, I already have an idea on what to write. Let’s see tomorrow if I can finish this thing tonight!

Till tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Finally!

  1. Blackdove says:

    Just writing a speech tonight for a Toastmasters contest tomorrow? Sounds like a really looooonnggg shot.

  2. raven says:

    My friend asked me if I wanted to join several times. Guess, I’m pressured to join. Anyway, am just trying it out. If I don’t make it, it’s fine, so long as my speech is credited. I know it’s a long shot, but am still going to do it.

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