Java run last night was good.

He was first and foremost, on time and waiting for me when I got there.

The conversation was flowing, and it’s one of the first times I was actually excited in meeting someone.

Since he had to get home early (he works as a sales trader, hence, has to get to work by a crazy 6AM), we ended our coffee date at 10-ish, but not without playing air hockey at the nearby amusement center.

The bet?

Loser pays for a movie of the winner’s choice.

I was revved up, and quite competitive. Surprisingly, I still lost! 🙁

Afterwards, he sent me a text writing, “Was fun. Don’t forget you owe me a movie! :-)” to which I cheerily replied, “Likewise. Sure, I always keep my promises. Nite!”

So, java run… yea or nay?

Well, he freaking didn’t email me the entire morning and I just got this seemingly non-commital email this afternoon:

how are things today? good sleep.?..mine just long enough, got home and straight to sleep what you doing on the weekend….?? is the amusememt park this weekend?

Humm… no invites. Just wondering what I’m up to.

Is this guy interested? Or maybe not? What do you think?

Heck, I won’t PBT about this. Still tons to do at work!


Before I go, just wanna say that it’s going to be an interesting weekend.

Tomorrow, am slated to go wallclimbing with the French hottie. After I got home last night, he sent me a text asking me if we’re still on for Saturday!


He didn’t forget!

Afterwards, am going to watch the much-awaited Vagina Monologues in the evening. An interesting show, but more interesting because two of my best friends are finally meeting up for the first time in two years. Back story is, they dated, they broke up and they don’t talk to each other anymore.

As for Sunday, am slated to go to PingLin and see what’s there. The brochure says PingLin is the central place for tea-farming, so we’ll see what’s there.

An update: Guru Mike just called… apart from my previous judgment that the guy isn’t interested, Mike says that the guy IS interested and wants to know when he can ask me out.

Oh no.

Given my busy schedule, when can I fit the movie? 🙁

Oh my, the dilemma of a busybody in Taipei… :-S

Talk to you guys later!


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