"To Do" List

In no particular order…

1) Finish 2 quick specs, 4 product summaries, 4 product presentations, 4 demo text and 5 web text — I’m going to die!!!

2) Ensure the smoothness of the Gala and sell the last 25 tickets (Don’t even ask me what this includes)

3) Find a place that can do my hair and makeup for the Gala. Find an alternative dress if necessary (my tutor doesn’t think it’s sexy enough!).

4) Prepare for a trip abroad within the next 6 weeks — Vietnam/Cambodia anyone? Or how about Shanghai, Indonesia or Malaysia? The list is endless!

5) Accompany a friend wallclimbing this week.

6) Meet up with Mich once he arrives.

7) Meet up with my Executive Committee at least twice this week (tonight and one other night).

8) Find more sponsors for the Gala!

9) Start preparing for next month’s activities.

10) Continue XXX hunting.

Damn. It’s going to be a crazy week… 🙁

Good news is, after the gala, I can start relaxing. Massage anyone?


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