It’s here: Star Wars III!

Finally watched Star Wars III the day after it’s released in theatres. Pretty good film, as it prepares the audience for the next trilogy. I tell you, when you watch the movie, you just can’t wait to watch Part IV, V and VI again.

Yoda really kicks ass! Natalie Portman was a bit cheesy in the film, but yeah, Luke and Leia needed a mom. Her role wasn’t too major anyway in the first place.

The movie was a bit too constructed in the first place, but it did tell a decent story at least. Too much elaborate sets and special effects. Too much CGI.Nothing really seemed that real, especially the city scenes.

I especially like the twist on the story which shows how the Galactic Empire was created and how the jedi knights began living in exile. The ingenuity of it all — now, THAT was cool.

And of course, after you watch Star Wars, you’d have to discuss it. So my friends and I discussed Star Wars and its intricacies till 1:30AM.

Good thing today’s a Saturday. Can sleep later tomorrow.


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